DJ Tolliver

Class Of 2011 Chicago Farragut Sophomore Star Demetrius Tolliver Impressive With His Strong All-Around Skills On The Basketball Court

By Chicago Hoops - December 12, 2008

Tolliver, a 6'5" guard/forward, thrives with his strong all-around skills and versatility on the basketball court. Tolliver is both long and athletic, and has the ability to be plugged into multiple positions on the basketball court.

Tolliver brings a long wingspan which allows him to smother opponents defensively. He also delivers with solid passing, and plus rebounding skills.

The Illinois Class of 2011 is nothing short of loaded with stellar talent, and Tolliver is locked in as 2011 prospect that you are sure to hear an awful lot about over the next few years.

"Our defense stepped up today, and thanks to that we won the game," Sim said.