About Us

Chicago Select Basketball

The Chicago Select Basketball Club is an instructional and developmental youth basketball program for student-athletes competing in local, state, and national AAU and invitational tournaments.

Our objectives are to inspire our youth, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin, to practice the ideals of good health, dicipline, and character. We strive to keep the welfare of the player first, and entirely free of adult glory.

Our Philosophy

Chicago Select believes the game of basketball plays an important role in life's everyday triumphs and tribulations. Both in school and out of school, young people today are faced with challenges that they may view as unachievable.

Through basketball, the concepts of competition, teamwork, communication and dedication will help them to overcome the challenges that once seemed so far away. We want our players to have fun, be challenged and experience success through a game we all have in common: Basketball.

Chicago Select Code of Ethics

The Chicago Select program is for our young people. It is a program to develop good sportsmanship and playing skills. As our players develop, Chicago Select will stress the basic fundamentals include respecting authority as well as learning the game of basketball.

Conduct of Respect

It is essential that players show respect to their coaches, officials, and spectators.

Benefits for Chicago Select Players

In the United States and throughout the world, basketball is played by millions of children of all ages. It is an exciting game with plenty of opportunity for high school competition, college scholarships, and possibly professional careers. We will strive to provide all Chicago Select participants the opportunity to play organized basketball in a healthy controlled environment with opportunities for exposure.

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